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Shining 3D Einscan Pro 2X Plus

Spec Sheet:




EinScan Color Pack for EinScan Pro 2X + is the Shining3D accessory for obtaining 3D color scans with EinScan Pro 2X Plus. EinScan Color Pack is a color camera that can be attached to the portable 3D scanner quickly and easily.

With EinScan Color Pack the EinScan Pro 2X + 3D scanner will be able to perform 3D scans in bright and shiny colors in 3D scanning modes

  • Handheld Rapid Scan

  • Automatic Scan (desktop with automatic turntable)

  • Fixed scan (desktop on tripod)

Shining Color Pack

Shining 3D HD Prime Pack


Shining 3D EinScan HD Prime Pack is an accessory for EinScan Pro 2X + with allows you to perform 3D scans in portable mode in high definition (Handheld HD Scan), even without using targets.


It attaches easily to the portable 3D scanner and is immediately ready for use.

HD Prime Pack improves the efficiency of the EinScan Pro 2X Plus 3D scanner and increases the 3D scanning speed by 30%.


This accessory also allows you to capture 3D geometries with high definition and accuracy even without the use of markers.

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